COIAC Membership

Membership as of April 2016

Faculty members



Thomas F. Lang, PhD  Chair

Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

John P. Cello, MD, Vice Chair

Professor of Medicine and Surgery

Steven Deeks, MD

Professor in Residence-HCOMP

Stanton Glantz, PhD


Department of Medicine


Susanne Mueller, MD

Associate Adjunct Professor
Department of Radiology

Kathryn Phillips, PharmD  

Professor of Clinical Pharmacy


Michail Shilipak, MD

Professor in Residence
Department of Medicine


Rebecca Smith-Bindman, MD

Professor in Residence

Department of Radiology

Ex-Officio Members

Joan Doherty, JD

Associate Director
Office of Ethics and Compliance

Karin Immergluck, PhD

Associate Director Licensing
Office Technology Management


Kent Iwamiya

Associate Director
Industry Contracts

Theresa O’Lonergan, PhD, MA 

Associate Vice Chancellor
Ethics and Compliance


Christopher Ryan, PhD

Human Research Protection Program

Darnele Wright, JD

Deputy Campus Counsel
Office of Legal Affairs

Administrative (non-voting)

Kendra Aiken, MPH

COI Manager

Alex Ross

 Office of Ethics and Compliance-Office Analyst

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