COI Disclosures for Research

Disclosure Requirements

Disclosures must be submitted at the time of proposal submission and be updated within 30 days of a change to the previous disclosure.

State of California Form

Please submit only the one page form Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators FPPC Form 700-U, and not the two pages of instructions. Under current California law, the original signed and dated Form 700-U must be submitted, and electronic signatures are not acceptable. They may be in the future.  For proposals that are submitted electronically, include a copy of Form 700-U, and send the original signed Form 700-U (with the Proposal Number in the upper right corner adjacent to "ID") to the COI Division (Box 0294).

Federal Disclosures

In order to complete your disclosures online, you must be given access to UCSF COI-Smart ( by COI staff.

Compliance with UCSF COI Rule 11

Faculty who have, or participate in, a privately sponsored clinical study shall not concurrently receive any compensation from the sponsor, including honoraria and consulting fees, during the course of the study.  In addition, they shall not have any investment in, or serve in a decision-making capacity (such as service on the Board of Directors or management committee), or be an officer or employee of the company sponsoring the clinical study. If you have questions about this, please contact [email protected]

Specific Situations

The Specific Situations page for agency-specific conflict of interest reporting requirements and related topics.

Page updated: 04-02-15