Responsibilities & Procedures: 100-33

Responsibilities and Procedures for Campus Administrative Policy 100-33: Disclosure of Financial Interests Management of Conflicts of Interest, Private Sponsors of Research

  1. Principal Investigator (PI)
    1. All PIs (individuals who have principal responsibility for a research project) who receive research support from a private sponsor must complete a Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators Form
  2. Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC)
    1. The COIAC is an independent, substantive review committee at UCSF, which acts under authority from the Chancellor.
    2. When the 700-U indicates a financial interest, the COIAC reviews the disclosure statement and research project prior to the acceptance of a contract, grant or gift.
    3. The COIAC may consult with administrators, faculty, and others involved in the research and review process and the academic discipline in question. It may also invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review process which require expertise beyond, or in addition to, that available to the committee.
    4. The COIAC may consult with or request Principal Investigators and department chairs to provide information in order to make a fully informed recommendation.
    5. Based on the review of the disclosure statements and relevant features of the research project, the COIAC recommends to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost whether funding for the research project should be accepted and, if so, whether any modifications or conditions are needed.
    6. The COIAC will compose written documentation of the review, which shall address each of the principles set forth in the UCOP Academic Personnel Manual - Guidelines for Disclosure and Review of Principal Investigator's Financial Interest in Private Sponsors of Research, and which will make clear the basis for its recommendation to the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor.
  3. Chancellor
    1. The Chancellor is responsible for implementing this policy.
    2. The Chancellor has delegated authority to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.
    3. The Chancellor must provide the COIAC with the appropriate administrative support, assure that technical advice on conflict of interest matters is provided, and assure that appropriate documents related to this policy are available to the public, as required by law.
    4. The Chancellor has the final authority to decide whether to accept funding and under what conditions, if any.