UC Discovery Grants

For new awards, this program is ending effective fiscal year 2011-12

The University of California Industry-University Cooperative Research Program is a research funding program that partners UC scientists and California businesses in research projects through matching grants. IUCRP awards UC Discovery Grants in various fields of science and engineering: Biotechnology; Information Technology for Life Sciences; Communications and Networking; Digital Media; and Electronics Manufacturing and New Materials. For weblinks for these programs, please see the UCSF Industry Contracts website.

Under IUCRP, Principal investigators are required to submit both the state and federal disclosure forms. 

  1. The State of California "Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators" (FPPC Form 700-U); and
  2. Federal disclosures are required for those who have responsibility for the design, conduct or reporting of the research.

IUCRP requires review of positive financial disclosures by the Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee (COIAC) within 100 days of submission of the proposal. Failure to provide evidence of approval and/or management of positive disclosures within the required time frame can result in an award being denied - even if IUCRP funds the project. Researchers must provide full disclosure at the time of proposal submission to allow for COIAC review prior to the lapse of the 100-day time period.